Skymouse is a search engine for astronomic applications.With Skymouse,you can access many astronomic services easily and quickly,such as Web service ,CGI service etc.
How To:
1.Input keyword in object query area.such as vega, M 31, 12 30 45 +10 20, 1996A&A.305.33K and etc.
2.Input the degree.The default degree is 0.25.
3.Select the service you want to access.We have prestore some applied type for typical application,but you can also choose the services you want to access.
4.Click the Submit button and Skymouse will access the services asynchronously.
Though we have designed Skymouse carefully,we need your help to perfect Skymouse.If you have any suggestion,please contact us.
Tnank you.

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